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FlowX.AI: The platform transitioning enterprises to systems fit for the AI-driven futureDawn

Ioan Iacob, Co-Founder and CEO and Serban Chiricescu, Co-Founder and CTO of FlowX.AI

Sharing the workload: Granulate joins IntelDawn

Asaf Ezra and Tal Saiag’s company didn’t exist four years ago. When we participated in their Series B last year, Granulate was still just two years old. Now, this rocketship of a company is joining one of their titan champions, Intel — an acquisition so clearly a natural evolution for a business whose software agent slashes the cost of

Turning the tide: Why we invested in ShorelineDawn

The cost of digital outages is higher than ever. When almost every aspect of our daily lives is touched by software, we’ve got zero tolerance for downtime, whether it is our work chat or our favourite food delivery app. At the same time, delivering a seamless customer experience 24/7 has become more challenging. As businesses

Fired up: Why we’ve reinvested in FireboltDawn

Every company now is not just a software company, but a data company too. Data is the core of every app, product and service, becoming part of the fabric of modern business. The evolution of data warehousing — the foundation on top of which companies build all kinds of analytics experiences and services — made this possible.

Sync and swim: Why we invested in SwimmDawn

If it’s not documented, it doesn’t exist. A truth every developer knows, but doesn’t want to hear. Writing documentation for code is a pain, and the traditional solutions don’t make it much easier. Tools that auto-generate an API reference from the codebase are quick and convenient, but fail to explain what the code does. Meanwhile,

Welcome to the world of Everyday AI: Why we’ve reinvested in DataikuDawn

From my very first encounter with Florian Douetteau, Dataiku’s Co-founder and CEO, I knew that he was building something special. We met more than four years ago, back when the company was raising its Series B round, and they were based in their old office on boulevard Poisonnière that could already barely fit the rapidly growing

Why we invested in Firebolt: Snowflake catapulted the data warehouse into the cloudDawn

For many years, Snowflake has been the byword for the entire cloud data warehouse market. The company’s growth stands testament to how easy it made processing data for enterprise. But today, Snowflake is a victim of its own extraordinary success (and some success, its market cap currently sits at just over $70 billion!). It is

How cloud has won: The state of the market in 2021Dawn

Cloud has won. Having lingered on the horizon for the last two decades, cloud companies across the value chain — IaaS, PaaS and SaaS (infrastructure, platform and software as services) — are now dominating software markets. Valuations have increased on both the public and private markets over the last 12 months, and dramatically. Billion-dollar companies

Why we invested in GranulateDawn

For most software companies, COGS is dominated by cloud costs. Across the market, these can account for anywhere between 10 and 20 percent of a company’s revenue. In compute-heavy applications, such as AI and machine learning, this percentage can be significantly higher. And as every company becomes a software company, getting control of these costs

Why Dawn invested in HarbrDawn

For data to be truly powerful, everything has to work in concert. If one part of the value chain — whether that’s preparing data, storing it, or creating insights — is broken, then the gains made elsewhere are negated, or even nullified. Think of it like lights on a Christmas tree: if one bulb has

Why Dawn invested in BRYTERDawn

It’s 1am 10 years ago. I’m working on a big sell-side transaction, worth billions. Before I head home, I still need to update the financial model, complete potential buyer profiles, and update the latest analysis of the trading multiples. Instead, I am executing the 34th NDA of the week, frantically trying not to get names

Reimagining business spend at no one’s expense: why we are partnering with SoldoDawn

An excel hangover and a serious headache There was a time, not so long ago, when most of the small business world lived offline. Physical premises and a phone line sufficed for most mom-and-pop shops and small corporates to function. The last thirty years, however, have seen radical change. With the advent of the digital

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