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Co-founder & CTO, Paul Borensztein & Co-founder & CEO, Hugo Borensztein

In September 2022, we shared why we were so excited to back Hugo and Paul, brothers and co-founders of Omi, as we led the company’s €6 million seed round.

We saw huge potential in this stellar team. And with the ever increasing demand on brands to produce fresh and engaging content across channels, we fell in love with Omi’s vision to leverage the power of 3D design, put powerful content creation tools in the hands of non-technical marketing teams, and streamline the production of high-quality product images. We knew Omi would help teams to create engaging, cost-effective content at the speed of modern ecommerce.

The business has seen surging customer demand since the seed round. Omi is now enabling hundreds of global brands like Clarins, Nestlé and Remy Cointreau to strengthen their content production processes with 3D-designed, AI-generated product visuals. Whilst its base in Paris has grown as a European GenAI hub, the company has expanded into the UK and across continental Europe, and next has its sights on the US.

Today, Omi’s ambitions match the strategic potential of AI to power content production, which has quickly been recognised by global brands. The platform is natively built at the nexus of two technological megatrends in 3D and generative AI and Omi is uniquely bringing these powerful technologies together to enable brands to automate the end-to-end production of high-quality, brand-aligned product imagery — both photos and videos.

Omi is now positioned to entirely disrupt today’s convoluted content creation process. Brands previously required photographers and editors, studios and locations, agencies, and technical editing software — all of which are dislocated from content distribution and the performance of that content in production.

Omi condenses this entire process, facilitating automated content generation, editing, distribution and analytics in one end-to-end platform.

3D (as opposed to 2D) production is a fundamental gear-shift in design, a medium that brings much greater power and creative flexibility to users. And Omi has gone a step further. It has built AI models that are specialised for 3D, and which automate the design process to automatically generate brand-aligned and optimised product imagery. The opportunity ahead of this company is enormous.

This is why we are extremely proud to announce today that we are doubling down on Omi in a pre-emptive €13 million Series A, to help Hugo and Paul fuel their expansion and take the business to the next level. We are joined in the round by Paul Robson, the former President International at Adobe who has described Omi’s platform as a “paradigm shift in content production”.

We are confident that Hugo, Paul and their team have the creativity, vision, drive and skills to disrupt an entire industry with Omi. We are thrilled to be supporting the team as their 3D Gen-AI powered platform usher in a new era for branded content creation.

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