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It is important that you read this page before proceeding, as the distribution of the information contained in this website in certain countries may be restricted by law and persons who access it are required to inform themselves of and to comply with any such restrictions.

Dawn Capital LLP

This website is issued by Dawn Capital LLP, which is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Dawn Capital LLP is a limited liability partnership] incorporated in England & Wales, registered number OC321845 and has its registered address at 27 Soho Square, London, W1D 3QR

Dawn Capital Enterprise Fund Limited Partnership

Dawn Capital Enterprise Fund Limited Partnership (the “Partnership” or the “Fund”) has registered as a Limited Partnership in England under the Limited Partnerships Act 1907.

The capital of the Partnership is fully committed and the capital or the aggregate amount of the Loan may only be increased from time to time by such amounts (if any) as may be agreed from time to time by the General Partner, the Investors and the Founder Partner.

There can be no assurance that the investment objective of the Fund will be met or that its investment program will be successful. The Fund has not been and will not be registered under any securities laws of the United States of America or any of its territories or possessions or areas subject to its jurisdiction.
Distribution and selling restrictions

a) General

The information below is for general guidance only. This website does not constitute or form any part of any offer to issue or sell, or any solicitation of any offer to subscribe or purchase any investment related to the the Fund. Subscriptions for the Fund can only be made on the terms of the Prospectus and no reliance should be placed on any information herein.

Money laundering regulations are likely to require you to provide additional documentation for identification purposes should it be possible to make an investment.

b) United Kingdom

The Fund is not an authorised or recognised collective investment scheme for the purposes of the Financial Services and Markets Act (2000) and the promotion of the Fund is accordingly restricted by law. The Fund’s Prospectus may only be issued to categories of persons permitted under the Financial Services and Markets Act (2000) (promotion of Collective investment Schemes) (Exemptions) Order 2001. This document is being issued inside and outside the United Kingdom to and/or is directed at persons who are both (a) professional customers or eligible counterparties for the purposes of the FSA Conduct of Business Sourcebook (“COBS”) and (b) of a kind to whom the Fund may lawfully be promoted by a person authorised under the Act by virtue of Section 238(5) of the Act and Chapter 4 of COBS. The investments and investment services to which this document relates are only available to the persons referred to above and other persons should not act or rely on it. This document is exempt from the scheme promotion restriction in Section 238 of the Act on the communication of invitations or inducements to participate in unregulated collective investment schemes on the grounds that it is being issued only to the types of person referred to above.

The Fund's investment program is speculative and entails substantial risks. Any participation discussed may be subject to sudden and large falls in price or value and there could be a large loss on realisation which could equal the amount invested. As there is no recognised market for the Fund, it may be difficult for an investor to sell or realise the participations or to obtain reliable information about their value or the extent of the risks to which they are exposed. Changes in rates of exchange may have an adverse effect on the value or income of the investment. References to future returns are not promises or even estimates of actual returns an investor may achieve.

Any forecasts contained herein are for illustrative purposes only and are not to be relied upon as advice or interpreted as a recommendation. The information herein reflects prevailing conditions and Dawn Capital LLP’s judgement as of this date, all of which are subject to change. Past performance or experience does not necessarily give a guide for the future.

The information and opinions contained in this document are for background purposes only and do not purport to be full or complete. No reliance may be placed for any purpose on the information or opinions contained in this document or their accuracy or completeness. No representation, warranty or undertaking, express or implied, is given as to the accuracy or completeness of the information or opinions contained in this document by Dawn Capital LLP and no liability is accepted by Dawn Capital LLP r for the accuracy or completeness of any such information or opinions.

Investors in the Fund will not benefit from the rules and regulations made under the Act for the protections of investors, or from the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

c) United States

The Shares in the Fund have not been and will not be registered under the Securities Act of the United States (as amended) (“the 1933 Act”) or the securities laws of any of the States of the United States.

d) Cayman Islands

No invitation may be made to the public in the Cayman Islands to subscribe for the shares.

Risk warnings

Investment in the Fund and any future funds managed by Dawn Capital LLP carries with it a high degree of risk and should not constitute the sole or main investment of any investor’s portfolio. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. The value of investments in the Fund and any future funds managed by Dawn Capital LLP can go down as well as increase and may be affected by changes in rates of exchange. Investors may not get back all the amount originally invested.
Prospective investors to the Fund or any future fund should review any issued Prospectuses carefully and in its entirety and consult with their legal, tax and financial advisers in relation to the legal, tax, financial or other tax consequences of an investment in the Fund any future funds managed by Dawn Capital LLP.


The information contained on this website has been taken from sources considered by Dawn Capital LLP to be reliable but no representation, warrant or undertaking is given as to its accuracy or completeness. Views and opinions expressed on this website are provided by Dawn Capital LLP in good faith but are subject to change without notice. In no event will Dawn Capital LLP or any of its associated companies be liable for any loss or damage arising out of the use of or reliance on the information or opinions provided.


This website is subject to copyright with all rights reserved. You may download the information on this website and reproduce it in hard copy for your personal use only. The information contained on this website may not be reproduced, copied or redistributed in whole or in part without the prior written consent of Dawn Capital LLP.

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