ESG policy

ESG policy

Dawn, with assets under management of over $1bn, is Europe’s leading specialist B2B software investor.

Through a fund model premised on early-stage flagship funds following through with later stage opportunity funds, Dawn backs startups at series A and B, and continues to selectively fund its best-performing companies through growth rounds to exit. At the outset Dawn partners with exceptional founders who can harness extraordinary teams, build great products and drive new business models to create category-defining, global titans.

To date, Dawn has invested in over 50 European-founded B2B companies, and has consistently delivered superior returns for investors. Dawn I and II are both ranked in the top quartile of venture capital funds globally for performance by Preqin.

Dawn uses a tried-and-tested due diligence approach throughout its investment process, applying its unique data-driven methodology to make initial investments, as well as to continually analyse portfolio companies on a quarterly basis. Throughout the investment period, Dawn provides active, hands-on support to drive the growth and performance of its portfolio companies, with a focus on building long-term, sustainable enterprises which will continue to thrive beyond Dawn’s ownership.

Dawn recognises the importance of responsible investing, which can lower risk and bolster financial returns, and has embedded this throughout its investment process. This approach benefits not only Dawn’s portfolio companies and investors, but all the employees, suppliers, local communities, and the wider society in which Dawn and its portfolio companies operate. The three main areas of Dawn’s focus on responsible investing are embodied within the ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) credo.


At Dawn, we understand our place in society and in the wider world. We all have a responsibility to care for our environment and to look after the planet for future generations. This means being aware of key factors contributing to climate change; the careful use of finite resources and committing to an energy efficient consumption policy. Wherever possible we look to make decisions to reduce carbon footprints and resource consumption.


Inclusion, diversity, and equality are important considerations for Dawn. At Dawn, we want to create an environment where our employees enjoy coming into work and are able to thrive in their chosen professional fields. We also encourage and promote gender equality and are true advocates for hiring individuals from diverse backgrounds. Our recruitment programme is tailored to ensure that we have a diverse and well-balanced workforce. Other social initiatives include health and safety and wellbeing, and we expect the same commitments from our portfolio companies.

Corporate governance

When we consider making investments, we look for certain key ingredients, one of which is the integrity of the management team. We will be in partnership with the founding team for a significant period of time, so we want to ensure not only that they have the strategic vision to take the company forward, but it is also important to us that they have integrity and share the same core values as Dawn.

Investment cycle

In order to monitor ESG considerations through the investment cycle, we have created a questionnaire for our portfolio companies on ESG matters. We will monitor this annually and aim to work closely with our portfolio companies to promote good ESG practices. We will also ensure that Dawn employees have a good understanding of ESG issues and that they understand the importance of factoring in ESG issues during the due diligence process.

As well as ensuring our portfolio companies are mindful of ESG matters, in 2021, through the Dawn Foundation we will be embarking on a wider programme focused on providing disadvantaged young people with access to technology skills and training.

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