Mina Mutafchieva

Found in translation: Why we invested in LokaliseDawn

It’s fitting that my first trip after a worldwide lockdown was to meet the team helping digital products go global. Having missed my morning flight to Lisbon (a PCR-test related snafu) and scrambled to still make it there a few hours later than planned, there I was — on a sunny rooftop, finally face to

Why we invested in CluedInDawn

An Australian, a Belgian and a Dane walk into a… not a bar, this is a different story. They walk into a tough data engineering problem, and thus begins the epic story of one of the most exciting data companies we at Dawn have come across in a long time. When I first spoke to

The breaking point: What software are banks buying today?Dawn

Amid regulatory, cost, and competitive pressures, big banks are focusing on fixing critical infrastructure. Innovation in flashy new products might have to wait The banking sector shelled out $444bn on IT and software spending in 2020, by far the biggest single spend by an industry vertical, according to Gartner. Yet selling software to them can

Why we invested in Access FintechDawn

I remember the first time I visited a bank’s trading floor. It was both a huge relief and mild disappointment to discover that it is nothing like the Wolf of Wall Street-style high octane drama that Hollywood would have us believe. The overwhelming sound is one of humming computers and screens and people tapping out

Why we invested in CleanshelfDawn

I was in Copenhagen when I found myself, trip cut short and bleary eyed, boarding a 06:00am flight to Ljubljana to go and meet Dusan Omercevic, Founder and CEO of Cleanshelf, and his team. My first call with Cleanshelf had been the month before, on 18 December, when most of us had at least mentally

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