Josh Bell

Turbocharging B2B payments: Why we invested in BillieDawn

Much has been said about how the pandemic has transformed buyer behaviours. More than ever, consumers are making their purchases online, putting rocket boosters under every element of the e-commerce industry. But while the B2C market grabs the limelight, it’s dwarfed by its less glamorous counterpart. Annual volumes in B2B e-commerce are now over $12

Transforming spend management: Why we’ve re-invested in SoldoDawn

When I first met Soldo’s founder, Carlo Gualandri, I knew almost nothing about his business. But what I did know well was the time and challenge involved in managing the expenses of a growing company. Two hours later, the reception we were attending wound down and I realised I hadn’t managed to talk to anyone else

How to maximise the value of strategic investorsDawn

What do two of the largest fintech M&A exits in Europe have in common? After the recent announcement that Tink is being acquired by Visa for $2.2 billion, and three years on from iZettle’s $2.2 billion sale to PayPal, we can identify one common thread — neither transaction happened out of the blue, but rather

Building the future of Europe’s financial services: Our partnership with TinkDawn

I’d heard Tink’s name long before I first met its co-founders, Daniel Kjellen and Fredrik Hedberg, in their Stockholm office back in 2018. With their roster of impressive banking customers, many of whom I’d built strong relationships with during my years on the board of iZettle, regularly singing their praises for what they were building.

Why Sweden is the Silicon Valley of FintechDawn

You do not have to spend long in Stockholm to appreciate how deep-rooted its tech culture has become. The headquarters of Spotify, Europe’s most valuable technology company, features prominently in the city. The teal livery of TIER e-scooters is a familiar sight across the streets of the capital. Klarna’s offers of “buy now, pay later”

An open future: How Tink is laying the foundations for the banking revolutionDawn

We stand on the cusp of a new era in financial services. After decades of limited real product innovation, the foundations are now being put in place to enable radical transformation in the way that financial products are built and delivered. The future of finance will be fundamentally data-driven and highly personalised. As consumers we

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