Daniela Raffel Torrebiarte

Contracting for speedDawn

What’s the difference between ARR and CARR? No, it’s not a trick question — though, for a lot of scaling businesses, it can feel like one. Closing the gap between the two is hard. Customers saying they’re going to buy isn’t the same thing as seeing their money in your bank account — and though

After Excel — Finance tools for the modern CFODawn

Innovations in technology have helped businesses revolutionise the way they work. Every department from Sales to HR to Marketing — even Compliance — has dedicated software to help them be the best they can be. Finance teams though? The vast majority are still heavily reliant on Excel and the power that comes with the trusted

SaaS Foundations: Hiring to succeed in B2BDawn

Over the past 15 years, we’ve seen and worked with many fantastic companies. It’s difficult to pinpoint what exactly makes a company fantastic, but usually you can be certain that they have a long line of customers wanting to buy their product. You might think that, once a company has achieved this, then it’s a

The future Event Tech titansDawn

Event businesses have been among the hardest hit by Covid-19. But organisers’ ability to innovate and keep the show running has demonstrated the best of entrepreneurialism in extremely challenging circumstances. Most of us are now familiar with the ‘virtual event’: panel sessions conducted over Zoom, one-on-one networking sessions, and so on. There is a lot

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