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Our long-standing commitment to our founders: Introducing Dawn Opportunities IIDawn

Last year, software saved the world. We saw it happen in real-time as we worked, shopped, and socialised from home. Now, and for years to come, companies will be built that are larger, and more world-changing, than ever before — redefining everything we see around us for the better. Today is the age of private enterprise, and

Introducing Dawn IV: $400m to build the future of European B2B softwareDawn

2020 will go down in history as the year software saved the world. As Covid-19 hit, we went remote — almost overnight. We’d been doing it all already — occasional days working from home, buying clothes, food and furniture online, chatting to colleagues on Zoom and family members on Skype. But in March it became

Dawn doubling down on Europe’s best techDawn

This week we announced the closing of Dawn Opportunities Fund. At $125M, it’s Europe’s largest B2B opportunities fund. We have already deployed a good portion of it in Collibra — the leading data governance and cataloguing company — alongside Alphabet’s CapitalG growth fund in the recent $100M round. We backed Collibra from the very beginning

Dawn III: Our new $235m fundDawn

Dawn earlier this week announced the closing of Dawn III — at $235m (£165m), Dawn III is the single largest dedicated B2B venture fund in Europe. We are very pleased to about this outcome as it supports our long-standing thesis that Europe has a tremendous ability and even further potential to create global software leaders.

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