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Why we invested in quantilope

Today we are delighted to welcome quantilope to the Dawn family after leading their $8m Series A funding round with participation from existing investors Senovo and Surplus Capital.

In the highly competitive consumer goods market, it is the companies who understand their customers best that win. Every consumer business today is looking to harness the power of data to better serve their customers, and the importance of data-driven decision making has become a key tenet through all facets of organisations from marketing, to demand planning and product development.

Data is critical to understanding evolving consumer needs

Data is king — and it is driving a drastic change in the way that products are developed, marketed and consumed. Successful consumer goods giants such as Unilever and L’Oreal are restructuring their organisations and looking to embed data driven research into every aspect of their business moving from one-off insights towards an agile and iterative research process, continually capturing and harnessing the power of consumer insights.

However, to date, these businesses have lacked the appropriate tools to enable business users to undertake research and gather insights in a timely and cost-effective manner. Traditional market research processes are simply not fit for this purpose — data collection is largely manual, and it can take weeks or months to obtain direct feedback from customers.

With quantilope this has changed. Built by leading market research academics and experienced marketers, quantilope seeks to put the power of sophisticated market research tools into the hands of business users. With quantilope’s end-to-end automated SaaS tool, innovative businesses can generate valuable and highly granular consumer insights in a matter of days whilst maintaining quality and reliability of research.

quantilope: Easy-to-use, end-to-end automated tool for advanced consumer research

quantilope not only empowers businesses to continually and repeatedly collect real-time data and insights into consumer behaviour, but also helps achieve cost savings of 50–70% in product development. For example, with quantilope the consumer insights research team in a large cosmetics company is constantly monitoring the drivers for purchase behaviour for its products rather than running a complex study every other year. However, quantilope is not only the tool of choice for marketing and insight teams but is used across teams in more than 100 companies in areas such as demand planning for eCommerce stores or car design for automotive manufacturers. The Hamburg-based SaaS start-up changes the rules of the game by bringing the most sophisticated market research analytics into the hands of the business user. And in doing so, quantilope is revolutionising the $44bn market research industry.

The road ahead is incredibly exciting. Agile, data-driven, consumer-oriented — these are attributes to which every business aspires, and we believe quantilope will have an important part to play in helping them get there. We have been very impressed by what Peter and the team at quantilope have accomplished over the past four years putting sophisticated, timely, and cost-effective market research into the hands of the business user.

We are thrilled to join this fantastic team on the next step of their journey as they scale the business internationally.

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