Ties Boukema
Data Lead

Ties leads our data function at Dawn, with a focus on Rolodex – our proprietary data & AI platform for relationship intelligence. The aim is to enhance Dawn’s investors to have better meetings with other VCs through AI driven intel, to be smarter about who we meet with and when, and better leverage our network (including 2nd or 3rd order connections). Our technology approach is about elevating people and relationships through AI, not replacing them.


Ties joins us from Google, where he was revenue analytics lead, managing several billion dollars of its ads business. During his time there, Ties also actively contributed to work diagnosing diabetic retinopathy through AI and mapping air pollution in European cities.


He also co-founded Cognitas.tech, a company that works with the London School of Economics (LSE) and other institutions to teach data science.

He holds a masters degree in Management from the LSE.

In conversation
Why B2B software VC?
B2B software companies focus on making pain points go away. They also tend to be companies growing explosively, which is exciting. Working alongside people that specialise in helping the teams in this space succeed is a dream job.
What’s your vision for data in VC?
The best way to understand is by doing. Data is a space that continues to grow, becoming both more complex and more valuable. To make better investments (and win over founders), it will be increasingly important to understand data yourself – and a top data function is a key component of that strategy. In addition, the amount of data in venture is often li...mited, so it’s even more important to leverage what you have as effectively as possible.
Thinking about the intersection between data and B2B software, what trend or opportunity are you most excited about?
Data ingestion is still a huge pain point. Ingesting and consolidating oddly formatted documents – work an intern can do comfortably – remains a challenge for the modern data stack. There’s been progress over the last five years, but it is still tedious. I believe there is a massive opportunity for whoever helps companies “fix the plumbing”.
And the quick fire round…
What’s your favourite book?
Happiness by Design by Paul Dolan. It’s changed what I do for a living and how I spend my time for the better. I’ve bought (and given away) about 15 copies of the book now.
What are your favourite things to do in your free time?
I read about a book per week, on whatever topic I find interesting. My last three books have been about baseball analytics, the downfall of General Electric and the legal structures of venture deals at various stages. The last one was a real page turner.
How would your friends describe you in a few words?
I actually did this exercise with some friends a few months ago, and “happy” came up every time. I’m extremely grateful for my health and where I am in life at the moment. This shines through in how I interact with others.
Best piece of advice you have given or received?
Always be kind. The world is a very small place.

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