Henry Mason

Henry focuses on cybersecurity and the data lifecycle, with investments including Vulcan, Harbr, Quantexa, Onna, Element and Garrison. 


As a former enterprise software and cybersecurity consultant, and with his humanities background giving him a qualitative eye as well, he looks at companies holistically, determining the beating heart of a business: what systems and processes are supporting how it functions, how they can be improved, and what should be prioritised. And, having worked within product teams, applying development methodologies like Agile, he helps our portfolio companies build better. 


Henry has a PhD in Greek language and literature from Oxford University, where he also gained a master’s with distinction in Classics.

Data & AnalyticsDev Ops & InfrastructureSecurity & Privacy
In conversation
Why B2B software VC?
Software underpins every aspect of our lives today. My job is figuring out what’s coming next, and supporting the driven visionaries who are building it. Why wouldn’t someone want to do this?
Most exciting moment at Dawn?
The day we finally upgraded to a custom Zoom URL for the firm.
What do you think is the most interesting trend in the industry, and why?
Playbooks on how to scale startups are now essentially open source. The challenge for VCs is no longer to simply impart that knowledge, but rather to help founders put it into practice.
And the quick fire round…
Best piece of advice
Don’t put on your tie until you’ve brushed your teeth.
Netflix show you’d recommend
The Queen’s Gambit — a very satisfying series because (unusually) the chess board is correctly oriented in every scene.
Company you’d build
I don’t think that calendars and scheduling have really been nailed yet — there’s so much more we could still automate and improve here.
Favourite SaaS metric
In early-stage companies, growth forgives any and all wobbly SaaS metrics — if the company is growing then it will be able to build market share and attract more funding.

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