Avalon Lee-Bacon
Director of Talent

Avalon leads our talent platform. She advises Dawn’s portfolio companies on leadership hiring, and partners with our founders and people leaders on their talent agenda. Spending most of her time with our family of founders, business leaders and advisers, she helps our founding teams connect with the right people at the right time.


Before joining us, Avalon sat in the technology team at executive search firm Russell Reynolds Associates. She began her career at a cultural communications agency, delivering PR campaigns for museums and galleries.


Avalon holds a BA and MPhil in History of Art from Cambridge University.

In conversation
What attracted you to Dawn and B2B software?
This is such a dynamic moment for B2B software, and the role Dawn is playing was really exciting to me. I can’t wait to partner with and support the talent of some of the most innovative and fast-growth technology businesses in Europe.
How do you think about the role of exceptional talent in driving the success of a business?
I was really impressed by the emphasis Dawn puts on the importance of exceptional talent in building successful companies. Of course, the right team is absolutely critical to making any business a success, but I think this is especially true for early-stage companies where every single hire has an enormous impact on the product, culture and trajectory of the... overall business.
And the quick fire round…
Book you’d recommend
The Great Gatsby!
Recipe for the perfect weekend
I love all the culture London has to offer, so I spend my weekends at art galleries and my evenings at the theatre – when I am not getting muddy walking our dog on Hampstead Heath!
Best & worst thing in an interview
I am always impressed when a leader shares stories of how they empowered their teams. I also look out for a willingness to be transparent about mistakes, and evidence of having learnt from when things didn’t necessarily go to plan.
Best piece of advice
It was advice I was given when I was choosing what to study, but I have continued to keep in mind for career choices too, which is do something that you really truly care deeply about. What might on paper look like the most sensible decision won’t be the right one unless you can get really passionate about it.

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