Data access management for the modern data team

Faster data access, faster data teams

As data literacy continues to spread among knowledge workers, the demand for access to data is only growing. But the data access process hasn’t kept up. It’s slow, error-prone and low-value work, eating into data engineers’ time.

Founders Bart and Dieter saw this problem first-hand over many years at Collibra – the data governance category leader that we’ve been privileged to partner with since 2015 – and set out to build the platform for the next frontier in the value chain: better data access management.

Raito’s cloud-based platform allows data teams to manage data access at scale across all databases and dashboards, giving them the visibility and control they need to strike the balance between innovation and security.

By rethinking data access management, Raito is unlocking the immense potential of truly data-driven organisations.

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