Revolutionising payments and financial management for merchants

Flatpay is a game-changing solution simplifying payments and financial management for small and medium-sized merchants.

Launched in 2022 by driven and experienced operators Sander Janca-Jensen, Rasmus Busk, Rasmus Hellmund Carlsen and Peter Lüth, the Copenhagen-based company has rapidly gained traction with business owners. Flatpay’s solution has proven so popular because it helps merchants stop wasting money on hidden costs and fees. The company offers users a seamless, full-service POS and payments solution, hyper-personal service, better rates, and no hidden fees or costs - along with daily payouts.

Within 18 months of commercial launch, Flatpay managed to onboard over 5,000 merchants and expanded its footprint from Denmark into Finland and Germany. The company has a perfectly-pitched product, and a talented team that works as an execution machine. Flatpay is now targeting new markets, making key strategic hires, and developing new products that will further simplify payments and finances for SMEs looking to grow.


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