Fast liquidity, automated processes and seamless payments for B2B.

Turbocharging B2B payments

Annual volumes in B2B e-commerce are more than $12 trillion and rapidly growing, dwarfing the B2C market. But B2B checkout is also complex - in addition to the payment itself it often involves credit and terms, approvals and reconciliations. As a result, many business payments still take place either offline or via a bank card - both are imperfect solutions.

Billie’s platform automates “buy now, pay later” for the B2B market supporting instant credit approval, invoice generation and payment to make the business checkout experience as seamless as its B2C counterpart.

Matthias, Christian, Aiga and the team are taking the pain out of B2B payments and bringing frictionless payments to merchants and businesses – both big and small – across the world.


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