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Admit it. At some point in 2017, you’ve taken that last presentation, email, or invoice you’ve used, recycled it and sent it to a new customer. Only afterwards did you realise that the company font, logo, and legal disclaimer had changed while you were on holiday and are now completely wrong. Or even worse, you’re in the middle of a customer pitch and your London office presents a different corporate visual identity than what your New York office just delivered in that meeting.

This occurred to one of Templafy’s global media customers after asking its 9,000 employees to manually update all templates to reflect a new brand. It is a common, daily problem faced by many businesses, which has only become more prominent as they transition to the Cloud. Large organisations particularly those that are service-focused, recognise the necessity of brand management and integrity in order to stand out amongst a new generation of business consumers. These macro forces are fuelling Templafy’s accelerated growth and represent one of the key reasons we’re excited about the business.

The Danish founded company is a classic example of the Scandinavian DNA we love — Templafy was hyper product-focused with global ambitions from day one.

When we first started spending time with the business last year, it became clear very early on that the team at Templafy are exceptional. Having developed brand management tools for the Microsoft Suite for 15 years, co-founders Christian and Henrik knew exactly what enterprise customers wanted and required. As one customer pointed out: “We couldn’t find anything else like it…it’s more than templates, it’s information management and workflow.” The importance of Templafy’s products is also evidenced by the negligible churn and unplanned upsells to its customers. The founders’ strong domain knowledge when combined with the scaling leadership of Jesper and Preben created a best-in-class enterprise business with high distribution velocity. So it came as no surprise when Templafy closed its biggest quarter ever in Q4 2017, far exceeding the prior 3 quarters combined.

Today, Templafy serves 560K users in 200 global organisations and is set to dominate Europe, US, and APAC.

From Dawn’s home base in the UK and our access to European talent and expertise, we look forward to partnering with Templafy on their next phase of growth. It reminds us a lot of our early involvement with Mimecast (NASDAQ: MIME) and Showpad, and we are thrilled to be part of the journey.

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