Alix Fawcett
Marketing Associate

Focusing on our communications, public relations and branding, Alix brings the Dawn family closer – building relationships with our founders, investors and wider network.


Alix joined us from Founders Forum, a community for entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors and thought leaders. As part of the community team there, she put on events, created content and helped develop a mobile app to keep the network connected.


Alix studied at Hotelschool The Hague where she graduated with a BA in Hospitality Management.

In conversation
What attracted you to Dawn and B2B software?
Dawn is on an incredible journey, with an engaged team, and an exciting portfolio — I am so thrilled to be part of this! From someone that doesn’t really have the deepest of tech backgrounds, B2B Software can seem a little hard to digest. However, the industry is a huge enabler and the stories behind the portfolio companies are fascinating.
How do you think about the role of brand and community building in driving the success of a business?
As the role of the community within venture capital has evolved, community building and brand awareness are vital – your community is an enormous asset and sits at the heart of a brand. The way in which you communicate will ensure you foster that community, increasing engagement and sustaining trust. I believe that, in order to drive brand awareness, it is... essential to market in a way that your desired audience can associate themselves with you. And of course this all must be aligned to the brands identity and aims.
And the quick fire round…
Favourite podcasts
The 20 minute VC, Masters of Scale and Pivot are my go and great listens for industry insights and stories.
Book you’d recommend
Kitchen confidential by Anthony Bourdain.
Most used marketing tool
I worship Canva for creating engaging design collateral; it’s so easy to use and great for when you need something fast.
Best piece of advice
If it brought you joy, count it as a success.

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